Airport call-sign: YMNG

Airport Fees

Non-contractual price list (from 1 July 2014; inclusive of GST)

Landing fees

Prices per 1000 kg MTOW per landing

Status Description Each Landing Daily Annual
Private operator Single/Twin engine $10 $50.00 $275
Commercial operator CHRT/Turbine $20 3 x Landing Fee Negotiable

Landing fee conditions:

  • Annual or daily fee must be pre-paid
  • Above rates are minimum
  • Mass above 1000kg MTOW charged pro-rata
  • Annual fee is non-refundable and non-transferable
  • Invoice charge for landing fees not settled on the day incurs a 50% surcharge


Aircraft parking fees

Open air: grassed or paved (if available)

Length of Stay Cost
One Day Included in landing fee
2-30 days $5.00 per day
Beyond 30 days $2.55 per day

Aircraft Parking Conditions:

  • Parking is subject to availability, prior notice of intention to park is required
  • Period price commences after first period expires
  • Long term parking arrangements are negotiable


Hangar fees and availability

For hangar availability and pricing, please contact the airport.


Additional fees

The call out fee is $70.

There are additional fees for Runway Lighting, Room Hire, and other services.
For rates please contact the airport.


Method of Payment

In Transit: Cash, EFTPOS, MasterCard, Visa
Accounts: Accounts may be rendered to approved customers. Accepted methods of payment are Cash, EFTPOS, MasterCard, Visa, EFT or Cheque.