Airport call-sign: YMNG

Airport Vision

Mangalore Airport is being developed as an internationally competitive training facility for the aviation industry.

The zoning of the airport protects the development of aviation and other transport services, providing a significant greenfield opportunity for any manufacturing and processing industries that require quality transport links (rail and freeways A39 and M1 are adjacent to the airport).

Few airports in Australia combine freehold land together with broad acreage and first-class road and rail connections, enhancing the airport’s suitability as a site for a major flight training organisation or intermodal transport hub.

Located close to Melbourne and major transport routes, Victoria’s Hume Region is ideally situated for domestic and international organisations seeking first class pilot training facilities and support.

At the centre of the Hume Region Pilot Training Hub is Mangalore Airport, a purpose-built training facility north-east of Melbourne’s international airport, that meets Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and European Aviation Safety Administration (EASA) standards. With a number of metropolitan and regional airports within less than an hour’s flying distance providing ready access to controlled, and un-controlled airspace, no flight curfew, and stable weather conditions, Mangalore and the surrounding Hume Region is the perfect base for trainee pilots to build confidence and skills.

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