Airport call-sign: YMNG

Aviation Training

Mangalore Airport’s prime location north of the Great Dividing Range offers greater efficiencies for its users because there are rarely delays due to poor weather.
Users of Mangalore Airport have access to a full range of training conditions and terrain with Melbourne 20 minutes to the south by air and Mount Buller and surrounding High Country 20 minutes flight time to the east.

Mangalore Airport offers the added safety of being surrounded by farmland as opposed to the built-up areas of Melbourne training locations.

Mangalore Airport offers:

  • More sunny days than Melbourne
  • Minimal traffic congestion in the training area
  • Ample parking on the apron/grassed areas
  • On-site CASA exam centre operated by Assessment Services Limited
  • Full use of on-site recreational facilities
  • Access to pilot briefing rooms and office space for short term use or lease